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Sheep/Goat Swinging Gates

Swinging Gate for Sheep and Goats

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Product Description:

Sheep and Goat Swinging Gates

We are working on expanding this part of our product line! We have built a number of gates for sheep and goats over the years for various sheep/goat owners and fairgrounds. We just haven't made "official prices" or taken photos :)

Sheep/goat gates and gate-in-frames are built with the concept and durability as our cattle/horse gates- just smaller and with the bars spaced closer together.

Feel free to ask about products you don't see on our website- we look forward to offering more products that work for sheep and goat owners.

Available unpainted or painted brown, white or  gray.

Contact us or locate a local dealer to find out more about our affordable prices.

18" Half-frame walk-through gate to be welded  Unpainted  Painted  
             into most panels   $80.00  $96.00  

Product Photos - Sheep/Goat Swinging Gates

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