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Sheep/Goat Creep Panels

Quality Creep Panel for Lambs and Kids

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Product Description:

Sheep and Goat Creep Panels

Wedekind Manufacturing has a couple of lamb and kid creep panel options.

The adjustable creep panel has adjustable rollers that are quick and easy to change with the size and needs of your young animals. Lynch pins hold the sturdy rollers in place in the holes on the 3/16" thick 2"x2" angle iron until you want to move them over. The frame is constructed with 1 1/4" round 14 gauge tubing.  This is a heavy panel that can take abuse.  

During lambing and kidding season, our combination panel can be used in pens as a creep panel and later flipped to be used as a regular panel or feed panel. The unique rectangle pin-pipe allows you to pin the creep panel wherever you want to make a safe place for newborns. Made of strong, durable 14 gauge 1" tubing.

Contact us or locate a local dealer to find out more! We look forward to hearing your ideas to expand our product line!

Adjustable Creep Panel 1 1/4" x 14 gauge      
  Unpainted Retail x1.2 Regular Paint  
48" x 4'   (6 rollers) $174.00 $208.80  
48" x 5'    (8 rollers) $184.00 $220.80 65 1/2 lb
48" x 6'  (10 rollers) $193.00 $231.60  
Combination Creep & Feed Panel 1" x 14 gauge - includes two 27 1/2"  connecting rods (5/8) standard
  Unpainted Retail x1.2 Regular Paint  
42"x4' $81.00 $97.20 19.6 lb
42"x5' $88.00 $105.60 33 lb
42"x6' $94.00 $112.80  

Product Photos - Sheep/Goat Creep Panels

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