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Sheep/Goat Continuous Fence

Wedekind Manufacturing continuous fence for sheep and goats.

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Product Description:

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Goat/Sheep Panels and Continuous Fence

Wedekind Manufacturing has been building continuous fence for satisfied customers since the 1980s. Now we have continuous fence especially designed for sheep and goats. Four things have kept customers coming back for more: quality of construction, ease of installation, custom options, and price.

When comparing continuous fence, evaluate the material used, the braces, and the welding job. Wedekind Manufacturing uses new 1” 14-gauge tubing for horizontal bars and 12-gauge tubes every four feet for vertical braces. We weld our braces on the front and back and there are no sharp edges.

Spacing of the upper and lower bars are uniquely manufactured for sheep and goats. The four bottom bars are 4-1/2” apart, while the upper two bars are 6” apart.

Many people come back for more simply because our fence is so easy to install. We weld our connecting pegs right into the panel which means you don’t have any sleeves or loose pegs to fiddle around with and try to line up when installing. We also offset our pegs so that you don’t have to line up all the bars at the same time when connecting panels.

     7 or 8 bar panels
     Closed ends
     Corner pieces

Warranty:  5-year with proper use, excluding paint

Finishing:  All items are available unpainted or painted
20% markup for standard colors (White, Gray, or Brown) Sherwin Williams Sher-Kem paint - as listed
30% markup for all other Sherwin Williams Sher-Kem colors - multiply unpainted by 1.3
50% markup for hot-dip galvanizing - multiply unpainted by 1.5
Final painted product may include runs and/or drips.

Contact us or locate a local dealer to find out more about our affordable prices.

Product Photos - Sheep/Goat Continuous Fence

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