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Continuous Fence

Continuous Fencing for Horses

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Product Description:

Continuous Fencing for Horses with 5 - Year Warranty

There are many people manufacturing continuous fence and most are cutting corners. When comparing continuous fence, evaluate the material used, the braces and welding job. Wedekind Manufacturing uses new 14 gauge tubing for horizontal bars and 13 gauge tubes every four foot for vertical braces. Watch out for used or reject split tubing and braces made out of flat iron or small rod.  We weld our vertical braces on the front and back creating 2 or more inches of weld where the vertical and horizontal bars meet.  We clip the brace tube so there are no sharp edges.

Many people come back for more simply because our fence is so easy to install. We weld our connecting pegs right into the panel which means you don't have any sleeves or loose pegs to fiddle around with and try to line up when installing. We also offset our pegs so that you don't have to line up all the bars at the same time when connecting panels.  This makes installing our fence a one-man joh.

We can build just the right fence for you. From four-bar fence for a horse pasture to fence for ostrich, buffalo, sheep and cattle, or nine-bar fence for zebras, we have met many needs. We offer three different strengths of fence; Standard Duty 1 1/4" tubing, Heavy Duty 1 5/8" tubing, and Super Duty 1 7/8" tubing. 

Finishing options:unpainted, Sherwin williams white, grey, or brown, +20%, Custom colors +30%, hot-dip galvanizing +50%

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