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Bale Feeders

All-Purpose Bale Feeder for Horses
The vertical bars on this bale feeder are 13 1/2" apart so the horses will not rub their mane!

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Product Description:

All-Purpose Bale Feeder for Horses

Bale Feeder is 10' square at the base and 6' square at the top. Panels are framed with 14 gauge 1 7/8” round tubing.  Bottom filler bars and braces are 1" x 2" 14 gauge rectangular tubing.  Vertical bars are 1" x 2"  14 gauge tubing. The Bale Feeder is 5' tall and is an all-purpose feeder for livestock.

With this design horses will not rub their mane! These feeders were designed with the assistance of people who have show horses. They have purchased several feeders and have recommended them to others. Folks who run their horses with their cattle particularly like this feeder.These feeders are so durable they can withstand constant use by bulls.  One buyer who raises bulls has purchased several feeders with 100% satisfaction.

These waste no hay!  The hay remains in the confines of the feeder so your money stays in the confines of your wallet. Because of its heavy construction this feeder will outlast most others by many years.

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