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Sheep/Goat Alleyways and Sorting Gates

Specially designed for the smaller livestock like sheep and goats, these alleyways promote convenience for the handler and security for the animals.

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Product Description:

Adjustable Alley and Sorting Gate for Sheep and Goats

Our  adjustable alleyway system is very durable and user-friendly.  It allows you to create an affordable alley that you can customize to your situation.  Materials are heavy enough to handle large numbers, yet flexible and affordable for a small operation.

The heavy-duty alleyway frames are made with 1-5/8" x 14-gauge tubing and 2" x 2" x 3/16" angle iron making them very rugged. They open to a width of 28-1/2" and have five adjustment settings to be made narrower every 4-1/2". You can pin our alleyway panels or any panels we make on to the frames. Panels can be pinned straight upright or one side can be attached at an angle to create a V shape alley. Open-sided alleyway panels have skid shoes and have some extra bracing. Sheeted alleyway panels use 16-gauge sheeting. If you don't want to buy an extra set of alleyway panels you can pin any panels we make into the frames.

The heavy-duty sorting gate is framed with 1-5/8" x 14-gauge tubing and the gate is made with 1" x 14-gauge tubing. The unique double hinge design allows it to adjust to virtually any width or be folded completely flat for transport and storage.  

Warranty:  5-year with proper use, excluding paint

Finishing:  All items are available unpainted or painted
20% markup for standard colors (White, Gray, or Brown) Sherwin Williams Sher-Kem paint - as listed
30% markup for all other Sherwin Williams Sher-Kem colors - multiply unpainted by 1.3
50% markup for hot-dip galvanizing - multiply unpainted by 1.5
Final painted product may include runs and/or drips.

Contact us or locate a local dealer to find out more about our affordable prices.

Product Photos - Sheep/Goat Alleyways and Sorting Gates

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