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Hay Panels

Slant-bar hay panels
Continuous Slant-bar Panels are an Excellent Option for Feeding Cattle

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Product Description:

Straight Slant-bar Panels:

Panels are framed with 14 gauge 1 7/8" round tubing. Bottom filler bars and braces are 1" x 2" 14 gauge rectangular tubing. Slants are 1" x 2" 14 gauge retangular tubing.  These work well in a fencline feeding system or to pinned together to go around bales or hay stacks.

  • Connecting rods are 7/8" 4' long solid rod
  • Panels are 4.5' (54") tall
  • Slants are 12 1/2" apart

Continuous Slant-bar Feed Panels:

Slants are 1" x 2" 14 gauge rectangular tubing welded on 14 gauge 1 7/8" round tubing.

This is an affordable alternative to cement bunks.  Set the panels on a cement stub wall or on railroad ties to create a simple and easy bunk.

We weld our connecting pegs right into the panel which means you don't have any sleeves or loose pegs to fiddle around with and try to line up when installing.

Panels are availble unpainted, brown, gray, or white.

Contact us or locate a local dealer to find out more about our affordable prices.

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