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Why Choose Wedekind Manufacturing

With so many people making livestock fence how do you know who to buy from?  Here are some suggestions to consider when comparing products.

Company Reputation

Quality has always been a priority at Wedekind Manufacturing which shows by the fact that so many people keep coming back and tell their friends and relatives about our products.  We have been able to stay in business since 1965 by offering consistantly well built products and an emphasis on customer service.

Bracing and Welding

Quality Livestock Fence

While this may seem obvious when comparing products, pay attention to weak braces that are poorly welded.  Look out for flat braces that will bend easily or just plain flimsy braces that you find on "farm store" panels.  Also beware of braces that are just spot welded.  At Wedekind Manufacturing we use heavy round tubing braces without sharp edges.  The braces are placed on the side of the panel to provide optimal support from all directions.  We also weld our braces on the front and back with several inches of weld.  "I have really abused some of your panels through the years...but have yet to have a weld break on a brace."  (Customer from Burke, SD)  Remember, if your braces break, your fence is just a pile of junk.


Rather than a "one size fits all mentality", as you look at our web site you will see we offer many options to meet your needs.  Examples of the options include: different tubing sizes and strengths, custom paint colors or unpainted, and a variety of different latches and hinges.

What does the price include?

When comparing prices ask what all is included in the price.  You may find that hinges for your swinging gate are extra or clips to attach your continuous fence are not included.  Since we know you want your gate to swing and you don't intend to wire your fence to the post, these items are included in our prices. 

Overall Quality

Observe the general construction of the products.  This gate-in-frame is an example.  Note the gussets in all four corners and the heavy rectangle tube frame.  Wedekind Manufacturing takes measures like these to insure longevity.  Our web site has a lot of pictures because we want you to see the effort we go to to make sure what you buy from us will last many years.

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