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How to Choose the Right Livestock Fence

Wedekind Manufacturing gives you the options you need to find just right fence for just the right situation at just the right prices.  Most companies want you to fit into their mold but we want to provide you the products that will work best for you.  Many of our products are available in three different options: Standard Duty, Heavy Duty, and Super Duty. 

  • Standard Duty products are made with 1 1/4" 14ga round tubing.  These products are much sturdier than the "farm store" panels but at a comperable price.
  • Heavy Duty products are made with 1 5/8" 14ga round tubing.  These are good all-purpose panels and gates as they will stand up to most any application.  This is a strong as most manufacturers go.
  • Super Duty products are made of 1 7/8" 14ga round tubing.  These are some of the heaviest and most durable panels available for especially demanding situations.

Following are just a few examples of what we offer. As you look through our product line you will see why people have kept coming back for more since 1965!

Horse Fencing

We have been equipping horse owners with Riding Arenas and Round Pens for many years. Our Corral Panels and Continuous Fence are attractive, durable and user friendly. Our Horse Stalls are liked because they require no outside materials and are easy to set up. Recently our All-Purpose Bale Feeder has been growing in popularity because it saves so much hay. 

Click the link to find all of our horse products. 

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Cattle Fencing

From cattle yards to crowding situations we offer a variety of options with our Corral Panels and Continuous Fence.  

Our long lasting Hay Panels have been a Wedekind Manufacturing signiture product since we began in 1965. Now built stronger than ever they will continue to set a standard.

For calving season, you'll need a good quality Calving Pen. This product is unique; featuring a one-of-a-kind squeeze gate with a fold-up feature for nursing and a standard fold-down feature for emergency top-side C-sections.

Click the link below to find all our cattle products.

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Sheep & Goat Fencing

These products have been designed with the help of sheep and goat producers and are made with the same strong 14 gauge tubing as our other products for long lasting durability.

Our growing line of products for sheep and goats includes Hay Feeders, Creep Panels, Pens, Swinging Gates, and more!

Click the link below find all our small animal products.

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Find out about lambing and kidding pens

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  Continuous fencing for sheep and goats by Wedekind Manufacturing



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