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Wedekind Manufacturing is a family-owned fencing company

Wedekind Manufacturing was started by my dad, Don Wedekind, in the early 1960’s as a welding shop in his garage on the farm. Dad had done a lot of welding for neighbors when he was in high school, so when he returned to Nebraska with his wife, Laura Jo, after serving in the Army he went back to the two things he liked most, farming and welding. By 1970 he had patented the original Automatic Drive-Over Gate and had developed a reputation for quality products at affordable prices.

Our fencing company has grown methodically over the years, and our fencing products have shipped worldwide, from Hawaii to England. Today we have a growing network of fencing dealers. We are now working with the third and fourth generations of families that have been coming back for more quality products at affordable prices. Wedekind Manufacturing continues to be a family business, as I am pleased to have my children involved with me and am blessed with dedicated employees. I invite you to look through our product line. My goal is to honor the Lord with this business and serve satisfied customers. Thank you for considering our fencing products.


Doug Wedekind 

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