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Quality Livestock Fence Since 1965

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Great quality and excellent value on any order anywhere

No matter what you buy or where you buy, every order is value priced on all our products. You can buy direct from the factory or through one of our dealers. Call us at 402-447-2700 or one of our dealers -- --  

Excellent value and quality products any order anywhere

WORTH Your MONEY Since 1965!

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 Wedekind Manufacturing builds fence for farmers, ranchers, and livestock owners looking for quality livestock fencing at affordable prices. For over 50 years we have built fence for cattle, horses, sheep and goats to last the test of time. Our products are an investment.

We have a 5 year warranty on all of our products except for custom orders,alterations, and paint

Now we also have a Lifetime Warranty on our regular sizes of 1 5/8" and 1 7/8" swing gates

AND the 10x7' &12x7' Superframe gates

We have a 5% discount on factory direct purchases of $5,000 or more


Why customers buy our fence:

  • Excellent Quality, Construction, and Durability
  • Easy Installation
  • Custom Options
  • Better Prices


What we build:

  • Calving Pens
  • Horse Stalls
  • Continuous Fence
  • Corral Panels
  • Hay Feeders
  • Arena Fence
  • Loading Chutes
  • Crowding Alleys
  • Round Pens
  • Gate-In-Frames
  • Goat Handling Products
  • Sheep Handling Products
  • Hay Panels
  • Swinging Gates
  • & More!


How we got started:

Wedekind Manufacturing has fencing dealers in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Colorado,Montana, and Kansas. Our fencing company started in Nebraska as a welding shop in a garage owned by Don Wedekind in the early 1960’s.

Before the company began, Don started welding for neighbors when he was in high school. Don served in the Army, and, when he returned to Nebraska with his wife Laura Jo, he went back to the two things he liked most- farming and welding. By 1970, he had patented the original automatic drive-over gate and had developed a reputation for quality livestock fence products at affordable prices. Read more about the company...

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  Continuous Fencing from Wedekind Manufacturing

Continuous Fencing product photo

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